Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Traveling: Can ASLA help?

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Last year my classmates and I traveled to Arizona for a few days. Just before the trip I contacted the presidents of the Student Chapter of ASLA at ASU. Once we got into town I called them and asked them about places to visit, unfortunately they were unable to come out with us, but they were able to point us in the direction of some interesting projects to check out.

While my classmates are in Italy, and ASLA is in Philly right now, these thoughts become fresh again.

This connection we all have through ASLA or through IFLA or USGBC or any other organization should really be used in times of travel. How often have you been to a new city and had no idea where to go? Couldn't find any projects to check out or anything of the sort. I went to Chicago not long after that, but I tried to find projects without contacting anyone. It was VERY difficult, I DID find some places to visit through some heavy internet researching, but if i felt comfortable enough to contact an ASLA member in Chicago I definitely would have. I know absolutely no one out there and had difficulty finding interesting work to check out.

ASU was very helpful on my trip out to Arizona, They pointed us towards Cosmo Dog Park and that was Nine months before ASLA published an article about it.

Why not develop a travel network through ASLA or some other organizations. We can have some people volunteer to point out projects of interest even as they are being built. Even when we're in a strange city, we could have someone to meet based on that common bond of Landscape Architecture.

Why Not? If any Landscape Architects or Students of, are in Southern California (LA IE or OC) PLEASE feel free to contact me. I will point out projects to check out and I'd be glad to meet them over lunch or a beer. (I of course would imagine it'd be taboo to ask for a job, so that'd be off limits)

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