Friday, January 23, 2009

Mexican Coke!

I love coke that is made in Mexico. Why? Instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup they use real Sugar from sugar cane. Why not drink Coke Zero? One word, "Aspartame". I avoid it at all costs, the evil company Monsanto created it and it's bad for you.

The other night I went shopping for Chinese New Years supplies in Alhambra and they supermarket had Coke made in Mexico, Not only is the coke without sugar it also doesn't use plastic! the bottles are GLASS! Do you know what that means? No Fossil Fuels! AND the bottles can be reused for whatever purpose one desires!

Real Sugar? Real glass bottles? I would never drink soda but thank God for Mexican Coke!

So does anyone know where I can get some Coca-Cola Hecho En Mexico in Pomona? Refresco!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mexican Immigrants: An Invasive Species?

palm silhouettes
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Now that I've got your attention, let's talk about another invasive group; the Europeans and their take over of the Americas, after all Mexicans are indigenous descendants of the Aztecs(but even Aztecs are from "south of the border" you say? I know!). JUST KIDDING! I won't be talking about People this post.

But really this isn't about people, or indigenous people (or is it?). This is about plants(and animals if you so wish). So what is an invasive species? Wikipedia claims there are three definitions. The first being:

The first definition expresses the phrase in terms of non-indigenous species (e.g. plants or animals) that adversely affect the habitats they invade economically, environmentally or ecologically.

The second:
broadens the boundaries to include both native and non-native species that heavily colonize a particular habitat.

The third:
is an expansion of the first and defines an invasive species as a widespread non-indigenous species.

Most people, when talking about invasive species are talking about the first one. But, there are those that argue that there is no such thing as an invasive species. Let's refer to Darwin, let's go back to evolution. Survival of the Fittest!

Most argue that invasive species take over already established ecologies, choke out existing species and possibly cause extinction. But hasn't that always been happening? Hasn't that been happening for billions of years? Where are the dinosaurs? where are the Saber Toothed Tigers!? Evolution occurs when one species becomes extinct in favor of another. So where does that put invasive species?

Humans can very well be considered invasive, not just to each other but also to other environmental issues. An article I just read, states that (while human induced evolution has always been known) trophy hunting is also speeding up the process, causing some animals to reproduce sooner and remain smaller. Humans are also known to bring plants and animals from for away lands that are invasive.

But then there is the natural process, it's a very grey area. for example, I did a post a while back about California Fan Palms and Mexican Fan Palms in Pomona. Mexican Fan Palms are considered invasive, they take over California Sycamores' natural breeding grounds. However, Mexico is RIGHT NEXT DOOR! Wouldn't birds naturally bring seeds over during migration patterns? Absolutely! At some point the evolutionary process would eventually bring the MFP's all the way up to California anyways, the border is just an imaginary line!

Confusing? Well, I am definitely confused, I am in no way making an official stance on invasive species. Invasive species affect already established ecological systems. but maybe it's part of the evolutionary process. who knows!? I sure as hell don't!

In Australia the removal of one invasive species allows for the explosion of another even MORE invasive species. Maybe if we allow all the invasive species to move in to this tiny island, it would balance itself out? If one goes deep enough into it, it becomes a can of worms. I'm going to stay on the surface for now.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best view of Pomona (South Pomona)

When I drive home from work I get, what I think is the best view of South Pomona's landscape. The view is looking north and can only be seen from the northbound Rio Rancho Exit off of the 71 freeway. Unfortunately I haven't been able to take a photograph of the view because I just haven't grown the cajones to get out on this two lane exit. Here's a map.

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I suggest everyone make someone else drive and sit in the passenger seat while taking this exit. The best view is Usually in mid to late spring when the Pyrus (pear) trees are flowering white. What I like about this view is that one can barely see the houses, it looks like a dense forest from this strange exit.
The exit itself is very strange indeed. It is the last exit before the 71 turns into regular street with traffic lights. Because of this, the exit is a long two lane bridge that separates from the rest of the 71. It's like the 57/60 northbound carpool lane in Diamond Bar or the 55 to the 5 carpool lane in Santa Ana.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Poly Post: Another Bad College Newspaper (venting)

The Poly Post is our University's newspaper. And I have same major issues with it.

There are a handful of new columns. "Dan in Real Life," "Sex Ed," "Fashionistas," and "Foul Play"
Dan of "Dan in Real Life" recently made a stereotype of the Jew saying "bring out your inner Jew," his version of an apology was something along the lines of saying (this is not a direct quote) "I'm a Jew so it's ok for me to perpetuate a stereotype of Jews" That's a pretty weak argument and it's also very narrow minded.
Then there's Ed of "Sex Ed" what bothers me is that this column is in the "News" section and not the "Opinion" section because that is exactly what it is. This is an editorial about a Christian who is a virgin and wants to wait until marriage for sex. His views are also narrow minded perpetuating stereotypes that people who have sex before marriage consider that to be the only part of a relationship. He gives his reasons for staying away from sex before marriage, but actually he doesn't, he just says what makes a relationship, which, is NO different then for people who do have sex and have a meaningful relationship. He implies in his writing that sex and meaningful relationships are mutually exclusive. It mostly bothers me that this is considered "NEWS" it belongs in the opinions section. and considering how conservative leaning our university already is, it does not offer alternative views.
These are editorials, I understand that. But they are opinion and they belong in the opinion section. News should really be balanced and fair and these editorials are not.
Not only that but the editorials do not push any new ideas. And in many aspects do not discuss issues that matter. Will Ed ever discuss gay marriage(he may have to understand that gay people exist first)? Will Dan in Real Life (who by the way ripped off his title from a movie about a guy named Dan with an editorial) ever swallow his pride admit to perpetuating a negative stereotype and maybe one day discuss issues that really matter? Will he say something that's more than obvious? (be frugal in this economy, duh?)

Why isn't there an environmental editorial? What about a political column? Local politics? economics?

And WHY THE HELL doesn't the Poly Post get outside of its Cal Poly bubble that it's so happy in and go out into the CITY of POMONA and discuss what's going on THERE!? Do they even KNOW what's going on with Chief Romero? Do they CARE about city blight? Is one article on Downtown's nightlife enough? Without a City newspaper the Poly Post has this GREAT opportunity to pick up some of the slack, but for some reason they're more interested in their own personal agendas! that's upsetting to me! I want to be proud of my school!

I know I sound whiny, but I've been holding my tongue about the quality of the paper and with the slew of new, low quality editorials, I just can't help it anymore
(vent over)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pomona PD vs. LA County Sheriff: The "Sustainable" Choice.

Police Pyramid II
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Holidays are over so it's back to some serious blogging!

I feel left out on this discussion over the future of the police department so I figured I'd exercise my education. I've done a lot of exercises on the creation of sustainable models in ALL things. So I'll be comparing the Pomona Police with the LA County Sheriff to see which one is more sustainable. (we're talking about the root of sustainable, long lasting, self sustaining, good for society, environment and economy.)

The above picture shows the model of the structure of the LA County Sheriff. Let me explain. The bottom four cops represent the multitude of the cities that the LA County Sheriff serves. The remainder of the pyramid is representative of the multitude of people or departments that the individual city departments must report to. The guy on top of course being Sheriff Lee Baca.

Dewy Web
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Having individual local police would essentially have individual "motorcycle cops" (bottoms of the pyramid without tops). creating instead a web of police departments like THIS image, each point of connection is a single police department, some of them bigger some smaller some connected some not. If one connection is lost then the others are still functionable.

The web construct is the sustainable model. Let me explain why. With the pyramid model it is much more difficult to get to the main on top from the departments on bottom. The sustainable web model instead creates an individualized department easy to get to the man in charge thus serving the local people better(society). Money remains in one spot instead of being funneled to the man on top, and it is more easily spread to those that deserve it(economy). It is harder to see how this works in terms of environment but the locational value of the police department is key. It is a local department which creates less of an impact on the environment, also it being a local department in which the people in charge are easier to reach it also make it easier for us to have an influence (which would really be society, but i'm sure you can begin seeing how that affects environment.)

So the sustainable choice in short answer? Local Pomona Police. no more pyramids please!