Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pomona PD vs. LA County Sheriff: The "Sustainable" Choice.

Police Pyramid II
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Holidays are over so it's back to some serious blogging!

I feel left out on this discussion over the future of the police department so I figured I'd exercise my education. I've done a lot of exercises on the creation of sustainable models in ALL things. So I'll be comparing the Pomona Police with the LA County Sheriff to see which one is more sustainable. (we're talking about the root of sustainable, long lasting, self sustaining, good for society, environment and economy.)

The above picture shows the model of the structure of the LA County Sheriff. Let me explain. The bottom four cops represent the multitude of the cities that the LA County Sheriff serves. The remainder of the pyramid is representative of the multitude of people or departments that the individual city departments must report to. The guy on top of course being Sheriff Lee Baca.

Dewy Web
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Having individual local police would essentially have individual "motorcycle cops" (bottoms of the pyramid without tops). creating instead a web of police departments like THIS image, each point of connection is a single police department, some of them bigger some smaller some connected some not. If one connection is lost then the others are still functionable.

The web construct is the sustainable model. Let me explain why. With the pyramid model it is much more difficult to get to the main on top from the departments on bottom. The sustainable web model instead creates an individualized department easy to get to the man in charge thus serving the local people better(society). Money remains in one spot instead of being funneled to the man on top, and it is more easily spread to those that deserve it(economy). It is harder to see how this works in terms of environment but the locational value of the police department is key. It is a local department which creates less of an impact on the environment, also it being a local department in which the people in charge are easier to reach it also make it easier for us to have an influence (which would really be society, but i'm sure you can begin seeing how that affects environment.)

So the sustainable choice in short answer? Local Pomona Police. no more pyramids please!

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