Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best view of Pomona (South Pomona)

When I drive home from work I get, what I think is the best view of South Pomona's landscape. The view is looking north and can only be seen from the northbound Rio Rancho Exit off of the 71 freeway. Unfortunately I haven't been able to take a photograph of the view because I just haven't grown the cajones to get out on this two lane exit. Here's a map.

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I suggest everyone make someone else drive and sit in the passenger seat while taking this exit. The best view is Usually in mid to late spring when the Pyrus (pear) trees are flowering white. What I like about this view is that one can barely see the houses, it looks like a dense forest from this strange exit.
The exit itself is very strange indeed. It is the last exit before the 71 turns into regular street with traffic lights. Because of this, the exit is a long two lane bridge that separates from the rest of the 71. It's like the 57/60 northbound carpool lane in Diamond Bar or the 55 to the 5 carpool lane in Santa Ana.


Anonymous said...

A better and easier accessabl vantage point is the Diamond Ranch High School parking lot.

SOMaSt said...

If you take scenic ridge dr south of DRHS up the opposite hill, its practically like being on the freeway offramp