Monday, October 13, 2008

Dinner in Pomona: Pho VI

That's Pho Six for those of you that are Roman Numerically challenged. On sunday night my girlfriend and I went to Pho VI for the first time. It was pretty tasty and it felt good to spend money in Pomona.

I found this photo on yelp that has a mix of reviews which I can fully understand. The place is located on Third Street in Downtown Pomona.

I ordered the most expensive dish on the Broken Rice Dishes portion at 8 bucks, it was sliced steak and actually VERY good, the Steak was marinated nicely VERY tender and tasted great, it came with a salad and rice, and I was barely able to finish it. The amount of meat was proportioned well with the amount of rice. Both my girlfriend and I were VERY impressed with this dish.

My girlfriend ordered Pho and the meat was sliced very thin. I normally don't like soups but this tasted quite nice to me. She on the other was was somewhat unimpressed. It wasn't bad to her but it wasn't great. It DID come with the bean sprouts and Basil leaves before the Pho bowl came out. So we had no problem with that.

The service wasn't the best but it wasn't horrible. We asked a question about a dish and I'm not sure of the waiter didn't understand the question but he just said "i don't know" in his broken English and we never got an answer. But besides that he was fairly attentive and filled our water when it was low.

It is designed in a typical asian-american restaurant style fashion. Nothing extraordinary about the decor, but it does have a nice little "euro" patio one could dine on.

I also saw Calwatch from M-M-M-My Pomona at the restaurant. He was coming in just as we were finishing and we just waved a friendly hello at each other and finished up.

I would definitely come back for that Diced Steak dish (which BTW came in a boat) I'd like to try some other dishes as well. But there's more to see and try in Pomona and we only eat out once a week.


meg said...

I'll give Pho Vi another try and order what you had. I'm a big pho fan, and I can't say theirs is superlative... It's about on par with Pho Express on Holt and well below Pho Hoa and Pho Pasteur.

I hate to say it, but my favorite pho in the West Inland Empire isn't in Pomona but Upland: Pho Century, in the Big Lots shopping center at the corner of Mountain and Foothill. They put allspice in their broth. But I still hit Pho Hoa fairly often -- it feels more like the real thing.

Anduhrew said...

That's actually where I plan on going the next time we get pho, at Pho Hoa. We sometimes shop at that market Hoa Binh near there. They have the best deal on rice and rice flour in the area. If we don't like them as much we'll check out the place in Upland

thanks for the tip!

meg said...

Yeah, I shop at Hoa Binh fairly often. Not for rice (I get that at Marukai), but the fish can't be beat, and the veg is pretty good too (when was the last time you saw galangal at Stater Bros?).

Anybody know where the nearest Korean market is? Hoa Binh doesn't carry kochujang.

Anduhrew said...

actually there is one Diamond Bar and one in Walnut.
I go to the one on Diamond Bar Blvd. near Brea Canyon road, it's called H-mart, their produce is great and they also have a lot of other asian foods.
The one in Walnut is on Golden Springs road and Brea Canyon Road, It's a chain market called Hannam Chain.

Mona Hsieh said...

if you want really good pho, you've gotta go to west minster or san gabriel...