Friday, October 31, 2008

Drought: California Cutting Supply of Water!

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I read this article yesterday, from the Associated Press. Read it then come back, it talks about how the DWR is going to cut the supply of water to cities and farms. What that means for us is a hike in domestic water prices. Farms will also not be able to plant as many crops for food. That will also inevitably increase food prices especially considering 85% of America's crops comes from California valleys.

Soon cities in California will be installing separate meters for landscape water so that they can determine how much water each resident is using just on their landscape. The water agencies can then charge you more for "overuse." There is also a new DWR ordinance going out limiting the design of landscapes so that they do not use as much water. See AB 1881

Well, it looks like since people aren't doing it themselves the government is stepping in to do something to conserve water. I know I've said this before but there are regenerative ways to deal with water use and reuse, but we continually ignore those ways. If only people really understood what treatment wetlands can do for our water supply.

So for you home owners. Kill your lawn if you don't use it to for play (or at least replace it with Carex Texensis yes you can mow it). Fix your irrigation so it waters your plants and not your sidewalk. Don't over water, don't use your hose to clean your driveway, take shorter showers, and learn how to capture rainwater (maybe i'll do a blog on that soon).


ren said...

hey is that a dingo near the water

Anduhrew said...

I think it's a kangaroo actually

ren said...

In Pomona we still have a few creeks that run threw Pomona land its to bad we cant use that water or store it like a place like puddingstone instead of letting it flow out to the sea.most of the creeks have been turned into cement wash ways.One comes near my place I belive its Dear Creek if you look at a map of Pomona land you can see the creeks and where they end up.