Friday, October 17, 2008

SUBSURFACE Magazine: First meeting for the Second Issue

SUBSURFACE Magazine Cover
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Today we had our first meeting for the second issue of Subsurface Magazine, Cal Poly's Landscape Architectural magazine.

"Where's our magazine? Where's our resource? " Was the question asked by classmates of mine at Cal Poly from the class of 2008. With Landscape Architecture Magazine as "vanilla" as it is, the information we want and the voice of our ideas were minimal at best.

This year we hope to continue the voice and possibly and bring our own take to the magazine. We would like to make it a biannual production instead of an annual publication.

By being our own, without advertisers and being without any sort of organization we are able to be as free as we want. Hopefully our first publication for this school year will by done by the beginning of January. We have large shoes to fill, I forgot to mention it won an ASLA award last year. Thanks class of 2008 for getting this started.

Let us be bold.


Joshua L said...

Thanks for continuing this. We added a link to your blog in our Subsurface Issue One website. It's in the More section.

Good luck with all your efforts and have plenty of fun like we did, and of course, submit it to the ASLA awards! We can't wait to see it!!

Anduhrew said...

Thanks for the wishes Josh, we hope to do you justice.