Friday, March 27, 2009

Unfortunate Events, what's goin' on?

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It's not often I hear the Police Helicopter in the late afternoon or early evening, but here in south Pomona on Towne between Lexington and Philadelphia a helicopter was circling overhead around 6:00pm.

I noticed it on the way home on my bike, I jokingly thought to myself "the police are following me!" but when I turned onto Towne I noticed what it was. The police wouldn't let me by so I would eventually have to go around. I did get a snapshot with my camera phone. (i swear every i forget my camera i wish i had it with me). Yo can't tell from the photo but there is at least one Ontario PD car, a large armored police vehicle, and even an animal control truck. I saw some armored men with helmets and all enter the home it was at and I also did see a pit bull being put into the animal control truck.

I eventually turned around and went the long way home, does anyone know what was going on? I was considering asking, but not sure if it was my place to or not. It was pretty unusually for this to happen during the day. At least the bike ride was nice, I rode halfway through carbon canyon and back.


Ed said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the Pomona PD made their press releases accessible to the public. PiGP at NW blog keeps trying.

On the positive side, south Pomona really isn't a bad place to ride.

Anduhrew said...

it's not a bad place to ride but Towne (and County rd) are in DESPERATE need of those street rehab funds that our city is trying to get (it was mentioned at Pomona Now
Street Rehab Federal Funds

I've got a light weight road bike while my hybrid is in the shop and i'm always afraid i'll pop a tire or bend a rim.

Anonymous said...

Gibbs and San Francisco. Another quiet evening interrupted by gunfire. Yikes! Too close to home. The police were around the corner on a noisy neighbor call when they heard the gunfire. Too bad they couldn't get around the corner fast enough to catch the hooligans.

meg said...

I heard the gunfire myself, and I'm blocks away.

Ren said...

maybe it was ed`s chain saw back firing change that spark plug.