Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring is Here, Don't Forget to Save Your Seeds!

Water lotus seed pod
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All you Pomoniacs out there, as you're planting your vegetables and harvesting fruit and what not, DON'T FORGET to SAVE YOUR SEEDS!

It'd be really nice if we could have a vegetable seed exchange at the end of the Summer and again at the end of Winter.

That way resources won't be spent on shipping seeds around the country. We can just trade.

Also don't forget to share your fruits and vegetables with your neighbors. I've got a bunch of All Reds Potatoes growing I'd love to trade with some others. (I've even got some Lemon Tree seedlings I'm willing to trade)

I will be glad to organize such an event.


Ren said...

yo andy something wrong with your blog.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

I love the idea of a produce and seed swap. I can contribute lemons and hichaya persimmons.

Ed said...

Anyone want some future pomegranates? I usually go a little crazy in the tomato department, as well and I don't even like tomatoes.

And I second the comment from Ren.

Anduhrew said...

I'd love some future pomegranates. I know what you guys are talking about in regards to my blog. i sometimes "test" future or prepared posts to see how they'll look (preview button doesn't work so well). so it then shows up as a new post but then when you click on my blog there's nothing there.

Ed said...

Oh, you tease!

I'll let you know when the pomegranates come in.

birdi said...

If anyone is growing trees, camphor seed is ripe right now. Pop the seed out of the little black fruit. The blue palm is ripening too. Jacaranda pods are falling. Look around town, you'll find them.