Thursday, March 26, 2009


Cal Poly POMONA is in the NCAA Finals! For the Firs time in History! Is there ANY Place in Pomona (other than my campus) that is going to PLAY this on their TELEVISIONS??

It'll be on Saturday March 28th. at 10am! Channel 2


calwatch said...

Sorry, nobody cares about D-II sports. Especially in a town like this. And with so many other Cal States stepping up to D-I, it's a shame that they don't care. After all, the odds of UC Riverside or Bakersfield State winning a championship in D-I are zero. But in D-II, there's folks playing for the joy of the sport, not as a steppingstone to professional athletics.

Anduhrew said...

you are absolutely correct (I actually don't even watch sports at all). But I'm fairly excited considering Cal Poly is the lowest seed (3rd) and unranked. if they win they'd be the first in 30 years for an unranked school. This is the first time ever that Cal Poly has even gone to the final four. I just love the whole Underdog undertones going in. I think it's kind of funny that back in the day it used to be people rooted for their alma mater but nowadays it seems people root for a team on a completely arbitrary basis, like those in So Cal choosing UCLA or USC over the other and having never gone to either school. I just don't get it. I do understand the separation of interest between d-i and d-ii. but really the whole interest in watching sports just sort of boggles me. But i do love it when the underdogs make it!