Thursday, March 19, 2009

SAVE THE DATE: APRIL 4th! (FREE event in Pomona)

Come one come ALL to the Sustainability Seminar in Pomona at 341 Kingsley Ave. on April 4th FREE

Here's a schedule of Events (it's hard to read so just click on the link above.)

I'll definitely be attending the beginners beekeeping, edible mushroom cultivation and transition towns

I hope to see many of the other bloggers there and other community members. You'll get to meet some interesting some eccentric and just some plain old normal members of the community that have some skills and ideas to share.


Ren said...

Right on way cool man I could use some tips for the garden thanks.

Skrip said...

This is great! Thanks for the heads up.. I shall spread the word.

me said...

Thanks for the notice. I hope to be able to go again this year.

G of P