Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pomona's Radio Station? Hot 92.3 and KDAY 93.5

I am one of those folks that says "I like everything" and I really do mean it. I enjoy all types of music from Broken Beat to Country and Classical to Classic Rock. But, most people don't know this, but I'm partial to "Old School" (more specifically James Brown to Curtis Mayfield type stuff). I grew up listening to KRTH 101.1 so it's only natural that I connect with music a few decades too late. ;)

So when I'm in my car I generally tune in to four stations. That would be 89.1(same as 89.3), 89.9, 92.3 and 93.5(the new KDAY)

The first two are obviously public radio stations and when I'm in the mood for music and it's a weekday I'll tune into KDAY or HOT 92.3

The point here is: I've noticed a LOT of callers to these two stations are from Pomona. It is a guarantee that I'll hear at least one caller per day from Pomona, either requesting or song or trying to win something.

Is this Pomona's radio station? Might it be a good idea to promote community events through these radio stations? I think I will look into that in the future. Anyone else who is trying to reach out to Pomoniacs out there I would suggest these two radio stations. Hot 92.3 and 93.5 KDAY(aka the beat)

Just remember to always Make it Funky.


me said...

93.5 is out of Ontario, so that would make sense. Unfortunately I can't see the dials or numbers on my radio in the car, but I will try to tune in to 93.5 to see what you mean. I think in general that people from Pomona get around and we like our freebies!

G of P

Anduhrew said...

haha true, i do like my freebies. considering that these stations air all across southern california, from Malibu to Laguna and as far east as riverside and san bernardino counties, I'm amazed that of the ten to twenty people I hear call in each day, at least one is always from Pomona.