Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pomona's FIRST Bike Lane!

Technically it's not the first but I don't think I can justify the roundabout bike lane at the Red Cross building as being of any use to the city since it is probably only used by Cal Poly Students who typically have no desire to be invested in the city.

BUT, Pomona finally has a bike lane! and here it is!

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I noticed it a few months back but never reported on it. Unfortunately, that bike lane is very much out of the way for me except when I ride to school. Also, the lane is less than a mile long. A bike lane down Garey would be great, but then we'd lose a lot of parking and street parking is way smarter in terms of walkability than having parking lots. UNLESS we have the bike/car lane hybrids like they have in Pasadena we may never see a bike lane along Garey. But, there are other streets closer to Garey that could fit bike lanes, such as Park and also Palomares. There are also a lot of east west streets that have room for bike lanes such as oh... I don't know, ALL the number streets, 1 through 12th, then grand, phillips, franklin, lexington, philadelphia, and olive.

In fact, until I see bike lanes on all those streets...

Well, I just hope it happens soon.


tibbi said...

the first bike lane is on my street- on hamilton blvd!!!! that was put there a while ago but it remain connected to nothing- ren documented it- it's a plus, but remains largely unused...pity.

Ren said...

Thank you Thank you very much

Goddess of Pomona said...

I think that a bike lane on palomares would be a wonderful idea. I'm suprised some of the businesses downtown are not pushing it. It would connect my own neighborhood of Lincoln Park to the 2nd Street area, and yours as well. Plus palomares goes right through western university. (I know palomares dead ends in south pomona, but it goes down a long ways). What street would be a good east/west one to cut over to Cal Poly?