Thursday, January 7, 2010

Local Honey in Pomona/Chino!

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One day, I was driving down East End in south Pomona and I noticed a sign outside someone's home that said HONEY. I immediately made a U-turn to get back to the Honey and was pleasantly surprised.

This part of Pomona is in the unincorporated zone so their Address is officially in Chino (12011 East End Ave.). But the street signs around are still Pomona signs.

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Because they are unincorporated, they can legally have bees and thus are able to harvest honey AND Bee Pollen.

The great thing about Bee Pollen or Bee Bread is that it is the ONLY food that contains ALL 22 Amino Acids. The Bee Pollen that they have is actually the best tasting and cheapest Bee Pollen I've ever had. It is 10 dollars for half a quart sized ziploc bag and 20 for a full bag. I generally have a spoonful first thing in the morning for my protein fix and allergy reducer.

Their honey in comparable to store bought honey in prices but it definitely tastes GREAT, it is VERY Rich and much tastier than Cal Poly's farm store honey. This jar of honey was purchased for 7 dollars. I think it's somewhere between 20 and 25 Fl oz's.

The owners of this bee farm are Rodolfo and Martha. I spoke briefly with them and they have for boxes of bees. The darker honey is from various trees such as avocado and the lighter honey is from clovers and wildflowers.

I suggest going there. There are many health benefits to local honey and local bee pollen, particularly for allergies. And there's a benefit in knowing exactly where your food comes from. The next time I head out there to buy honey or pollen I'll ask them if I can have a tour of their bees and I'll see if I can post some pictures. Support your local economy and buy some honey!


Anonymous said...

That is a great find! Thanks for posting about it.

Skrip said...

Really cool find there Anduhrew! I'm gonna tell the wife & others about this one. Hope you can make it to tonight's (January) ArtWalk!

Anduhrew said...

Couldn't make it to the walk I was in the OC. I'm usually there kind of lurking around the walk

Neha J said...

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Stephanie said...

I have read that the honey helps with allgeries but haven't read anywhere that the pollen does. But technically the pollen should be a stronger allergy reducer right?

Thanks- Stephanie