Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Planning Commission Meeting + Update on Watt and the Artisan.

So I went to the planning commission meeting tonight. Are there always that few people? I think I was the only "non-official" of some sort myself and three others were in the audience and the three others were Larry Eagan, Mr. Fong, and another city employee.

Anyways. The Pomona Downtown Parking plan that was proposed actually looks really good AS IS. They seem to really know there stuff. The only thing I would be concerned with is the design for future structures and how those are designed. But that's something far in the future.

It's a lot to go into so I won't.

Ray Fong also gave a quick update on Watt and the Artisan Project. The Artisan project is entirely abandoned. BUT Watt is revisiting the project and going to come forward with some new ideas. The old ideas are dropped because the return on the market for what they had planned to build isn't enough to continue with the project. SO there will be new ideas put forward hopefully within a year.

on a sour note, I rode my bike to the meeting. I locked it RIGHT OUTSIDE the Council Chambers. went in at 7pm walked out at 8:40 and the chain was cut and my bike was gone and I had to walk home. I filed a report, but am kind of sad because I had just gotten that bike in perfect working condition on Monday, and Today was the first day I rode it in that condition. New Seat, New left Crank and New Rims front and back. (oh well, you win some you lose some, life goes on)


Ren said...

Andy sorry to hear about your bike I do have a mountain bike you can have if you want it.Just sitting around anyway I ride my waybackback machine so I dont need it.

Ed said...

Thanks for attending. So the city can't even achieve safety and security at the civic center! Frustrating!

Anduhrew said...

Thanks for the Bike REN! even though I DO have a spare, I appreciate the bike. I can definitely put it to good use.