Friday, April 10, 2009

Live Chickens in Pomona

Little chicken
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The other day (before my bicycle got stolen) I found a chicken walking around my yard. It had actually been walking around quite often in my yard and figured it was a neighbors coming to hang out. I'm fairly busy so I don't go out in my jungle that often.

But the other day I decided to chase it around. It had three chicks following it and I wanted to see where it'd go. As it turns out, this chicken and her chicks have been LIVING in my yard without my knowledge! I chased it to its nest which is hidden behind a few stalks of bamboo where our fence meets the shed. Very hidden and discreet. I found a lot of broken egg shells and feathers in the nest.

I decided I'd have to take the chicken to court and file a civil suit. But, I figured it could wait until the morning. Later that night, I heard the chicken get in a fight with a cat, twice. I went out to see what was going on but I was too late each time. Come morning, there was only one chick left. Poor chickens. So, while the chicken was out grazing for some food, I blocked off her nest and then cornered the chicken into our cage(it was formerly a wild cat cage) and then locked her up.

So with this, I've been looking at chicken laws in Pomona. Calwatch had given out some information previously but I wanted to know more. Pomona Muni Codes see Chapter 6

Chickens ARE legal to keep in Pomona BUT Roosters are not. There are at least two roosters in the neighborhood, one of them frequently visits (probably the father of the chicks).

I am a little confused about about 6.9 since the chicken had been obviously living at my house. Do I need to actually go to the shelter manager and then see if I can own the chicken?

Animals that aren't allowed within city limits are Swine, Dangerous or Poisonous Reptiles, Bees, Male Goats, (and exotic animals without a permit)

Unfortunately the only animals that one is allowed to slaughter are Chickens and Rabbits, (I would like to raise ducks but I won't be able to legally slaughter them within city limits, however I just might accidently do it anyways)

So, I suggest more peole raise chickens in Pomona, Maybe we can all help feed each other. And you don't need a rooster to get eggs, just eggs that turn into chicks.


Mona Hsieh said...

how about unicorns? did you look into that?

Anduhrew said...

Unicorns ARE allowed

Anonymous said...

You just can't slaughter unicorns within the city limits. I believe the owner of "the Garden" may also have chickens.

Skrip said...

Most cities have a 6 chicken but no rooster limit. Alot of yards in Pomona certainly have the lot size for this. Kinda cool to get a chicken coup and get free eggs! Although I believe a chicken can lay non-fertilized eggs for about 5 years max, sometimes up to 8. But also, I wonder what the expense of the feed is. Not a bad idea in this economy. Good work Anduhrew.

birdi said...

Why put the hen in a cage? She obviously chose to live in your yard, so she will stay as long as food is abundant. She seems like a good brood hen. Chickens prefer to roost above ground. It makes them nervous and stressed to be down low at night. She is there only because of the chick. Protect the chick, sure, but let them roam. Chickens love to scratch, so she should be allowed to freely range by day. My chickens used to do a wonderful job of turning compost piles for me.

You can buy scratch feed which is whole grains and can be tossed on the ground, or you can buy mash which is pulverized and should be served in a container.

Anduhrew said...

actually the only reason I put the hen in the cage is to keep it and the chick safe from the stray cats. and raccoons and opossums. Since we had already lost two in one night I figured it the best thing to do. There was no physical way of protecting the chick without locking them up. their nest was in a very tight spot. I had to get into a very awkward position to just to see it and it was still inaccessible. It's a fairly LARGE cage since it was once used to house large exotic cats. I've been feeding it seed from our yard. I followed it one day and saw that that is what it was eating + plus insects of course). there have been no attacks since. Trust me i'd love to let them be free range, but I don't think the chick will make it until it is much bigger.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Yay! I think it is great you rescued the little chick.

And I'm really bummed to hear about your bike, too.

Kate Thornton said...

Ages ago - when I lived in a house with big (nearly 1/4 acre) back yark here in Pomona, I looked into keeping bees and found out they weren't allowed. Many of the neighbors kept chickens, and up at The Garden, I was lucky enough to get eggs a few times.

I was disappointed about the bees, and kept an eye on the wild hives in the city. (I had plenty of room for a super or 2 and beekeeping is a wonderful hobby) There used to be a big one in the tree behind The Garden (I went to see the bees & ended up meeting the owners, buying tomato plants & getting some of their bantam eggs) It's gone now.

Now we don't have room for bees or chicks. Good on you for the rescue of mother hen & chick!

Anonymous said...

That's one good-looking chicken. Is it perhaps a Black Copper Marans?

Kenny Valenzuela said...

This is awesome I have chickens too and I don't have a rooster but we don't need one the hickena lay every day. They are friendly and fun. Have some silies which are super cute.