Friday, November 21, 2008

Transit in Pomona: Campus to Downtown and Back

With the growth of new businesses in Pomona including nightlife I figured it's important we all know the bus routes to and from Campus to Downtown. After all we want everyone traveling safely and responsibly that includes financially and environmentally.

Route and Schedule for 480

For you living on or near campus the latest bus to leave downtown back to campus on weekdays is the 490 it leaves at 12:28 am (the earliest if you're willing to wait is 5:38am) HOWEVER on weekends that last bus leaves at 10:00pm There are no stops in between and the route is direct.

I live in the city so I'll be riding my bike, so for those of you that ride bikes remember you CAN get a DWI on a bicycle.

There is another bus that goes through Phillips Ranch the 195 but the latest that leaves is 6:15pm but it goes a little out of the way and has five stops in between. On weekends the last bus leaves at 6:35pm route and schedule for 195


Anonymous said...

Cal Poly students are eligible for a subsidized bus pass.

Why don't you ask whether the Pomona City Councilmember who serves on the Board of Foothill transit is an actual bus user? How many times has she used the bus in the last year? Shuttles at 11PM, 1AM, and 2AM to and from MetroPomona and Cal Poly might make sense on Friday and Saturday evenings. Something in the wee hours could have value.

pomona's art colonists said...

Good information Andrew!
Our transportation system needs improvement :-)
We always offer our couches to friends on
Second Saturday to keep them from driving.
The dA has even paid for buses to come from LA and take folks back on a number of occasions, so our guest can drink but not worry about driving
I wish that the train ran later, wouldn't it be nice to have an Art train come from Los Angeles on Second
Saturday? or Vice Versa...Downtown LA has an artwalk on the second Thursday of every month from 12-9pm

Anduhrew said...

That's a good idea. I'll try to find out if the councilperson on the board rides the bus ever. Thanks for the info "p.a.c" It would be nice to have a train but that is something that would take a lot of city planning to do. maybe in the future. I do wish the buses ran later on the weekends, but that won't happen until more students start coming out.