Friday, March 14, 2008

Our First Annual Portfolio Critique

Today we had our first annual portfolio critique. I put this program together so that my classmates can all develop a well rounded portfolio to show to potential employers. Unfortunately..... We had 12 confirmed firms and only 4 showed up. and out of about 400 students only about 15 came with portfolios. and trust me... EVERY student knew about it.

It is becoming more and more apparent that there is too much apathy within the field of Landscape Architecture. A professor recently said to us that Landscape Architects are too passive and meek. It is true.

We should be on the forefront of environmentalism. We shouldn't be letting unqualified individuals such as architects do our jobs. We should be pushing our local leaders to beautify our cities, the RIGHT way. Why hasn't Pomona done this? Well there is only one licensed Landscape Architect in Pomona but we have a university with one of the top Landscape Architecture departments in the country.

I am truly disappointed that there is little or no action from Landscape Architects. I hope it changes soon.


Garrett Sawyer said...

I have faith that there will be additional licensed Landscape Architects in the near future here in Pomona, it's up to the younger folks I suppose. I know at least I'm on my way of becoming one, It'll take me more than a few years but I plan on keeping my services (once degree is attained and I am licensed) here in the area and not moving away to a "better city".

Garrett Sawyer said...

Oh, I have a question for you since you're in the program at Cal Poly, do any of Mt. Sacs agriculture courses hold classes on the Cal Poly campus at all occasionally? Do they ever venture onto the campus at all like for a mini feild trip? lol. I know one of the irrigation classes is held at Descanso, just wondering because that would be cool as Cal Poly is better. lol. As of now, I'm stuck with Mt. Sac as a choice, but eventually I plan on transfering if all goes well.

Ivan said...

Student in Pomona I agree with your final point on city beautification, environmentalism and student activism. Pomona could really use the help of vigilant and community-minded landscape architecture students.

I drive around the city and see the great need for basic, low-maintenance, waterwise and, of course, beautiful landscaping, especially when it comes to city-owned medians, sidewalks, gateways, freeway exits, etc. The city is clearly dropping the ball on this important issue of beautification and environmental quality of life. For example, as the Goddess of Pomona has blogged and tried to organize around, the Towne Avenue 10 East exit is a bare lot of dirt and trash and heads directly south into the Lincoln Park historic district. Community activists/gardeners have tried to work with the city to landscape this area but to no avail. Just goes to show the level of commitment the city has to landscaping, even when it has community support.

I'll check with the Goddess to hear what's the latest is on the "Towne Avenue Garden Project". Good luck to you and keep blogging.