Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cal Poly Attacks

Yesterday there were two attacks on campus. one at 8:30 am INSIDE the administrative CLA building. and the other in Parking Lot M at 8:00pm.

Nothing came of both attacks as the attacker ended up running away either from a yell nearby or the victim fighting back. The woman who fought back had a pocketknife that ended up injuring her instead of the attacker.

Parking Lot M is where many of my classmates park and we often spend late nights in our design studio. Some classmates are scared to stay late now.

These are gutsy attacks happening during busy hours of our school day. Hope someone stops the attacker(s)


me said...

That's unnerving, especially for women. Does Cal Poly provide a campus escort service for walking folks to their cars at night? UCLA had phones all over campus for this purpose. Of course that would not address the attack in the bathroom in broad daylight. Two in one day? WEird.

G of P

Anduhrew said...

unfortunately there is no services to walk students to their car. There aren't many phones across campus and our budget is weak so amping up security is not something likely to happen. They seem to have stopped at this point. Hopefully he got scared away because of all the commotion