Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tomato Tasting at The Garden Nursery, Aug. (date unconfirmed)

Dawn over at The Garden Nursery on Holt will be hosting a tomato tasting event at her nursery sometimes in August. Lisa is a big fan of her nursery and we purchased a couple of tomato plants from Dawn earlier this spring.

Unfortunately I will be in Peru at that time but Lisa will be going to the event (she says she's going to help out at 7am, but I doubt she'll wake up in time, she's a night owl.) The event begins at 10:00 am and ends at 2:00 pm. She is expecting around 99 varieties of tomatoes. I wish I could go, but what I'll do instead while I'm in Peru, I'll try to sample as many Potatoes as possible (I'll even try to beat 99 varieties).

Also my dear friend Olympia who now works there should be there. She's the infamous Goddess of Garey Ave.

The best tomatoes will be voted on and you could win a prize. So remove that lawn, plant some food and bring your best Big Boys.

For more information on the event click here


me said...

LOL. I still think of her everytime I drive by the corner of Garey and Alvarado. I keep expecting her to be back there sungazing again. My husband thinks I should have referred to her as Our Lady of Garey Avenue, but it seems, thanks to you, the Goddess of Garey Avenue moniker has stuck.

G of P (the other goddess)

Mona Hsieh said...

can you take me to peru? i can fit in a suit case, i promise.