Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday's Pomona Experience

So Saturday I rode my bike to the Pomona Baking Co. one word. AWESOME. Owner operated and extremely friendly owners. So friendly it's surreal. Since they were closing for the day and I was a new customer I was given a free loaf of Curry Bread on my way out. That Curry Bread is GREAT. It's DELICIOUS, something about the flavor lingering in your mouth makes you just want to have more of it. I'm trying to figure out what to eat with it because the flavor is full enough on its own.
Just outside the Antique row street fair was going. Though i didn't purchase anything i found a lot of things I was interested in. Namely some old kitchen utensils. I am currently on the hunt for a water buffalo figurine so I'm hoping I'll eventually find one.
Later on that evening my girlfriend and I went clubbing at... you guessed it, The Locust Lounge in the Antique Row. We arrived early and that enabled us to check out the space before anyone showed up. The bar is fully equipped and there is a lounge area/balcony overlooking the bar, one won't get lost in the club and the dance floor is a tad small, there was a flat screen up on the wall next to the dance floor but it seemed a bit small and slightly out of place, I figure they had to put SOMETHING on the wall. We left for a little while and came back, the woman at the door said she'd recognize us and we found out why later. When we returned, though not packed, it was a good enough crowd to where it was only a little difficult to walk through. They played strictly hip hop which is just fine for dancing. The people at the door were very kind both times we came and there was a TON of security. Here's why the woman recognized us, the crowd was predominately black, very much so, but for me I'm used to being a minority everywhere I go (because i'm mixed). There were small numbers of Whites and Hispanics and the only Asian was my girlfriend. It's a nice club, but the crowd isn't very diverse, even though it's not diverse no one gave us any strange looks for being there. People were there to have a good time and they did. oh yeah, door charge was 10 bucks for each of us because we got there early. So though Locust Lounge is brand new, it has a ton of potential and if they had a strictly 60's - 70's funk & Soul night(James brown, Curtis Mayfield, George Clinton) I'd definitely go more often.

Pomona Baking Co. Two Thumbs up.
Locust Lounge... I'm waiting to see what you become before I make my final decision.

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