Saturday, August 16, 2008

The City of Los Angeles IS Walkable: don't get me wrong here

Long Beach, CA City Hall
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Now don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying LA CITY is not walkable but most of the rest of the county which is quite vast and heavily populated is. So to make up for the confusion I'll list some walkable areas in Los Angeles County and Southern California. I was indeed expressing frustration mainly over Orange County

Though when I mentioned Los Angeles and the streets Melrose, Sunset, Hollywood, and sometimes Rodeo. I mentioned them to note their walkability and how the design of the streets promote such. ranks Long Beach and Los Angeles as 8th and 9th most walkable cities in the country, respectively. But beyond Long Beach and Los Angeles cities there are others That I have also lived in, nearby, or frequented often enough to know firsthand. I'll Italicize places I've lived in or nearby

In LA County:
Long Beach,
Los Angeles, I still think K-town isn't quite reasonable yet thuogh.
Century City,

In Orange County:
Laguna Beach,
Newport Beach,
in recent years Huntington Beach.
Santa Ana,

In San Diego County:
well... San Diego.

If you know of any others in Southern California feel free to mention them.


calwatch said...

Brookings Institution identifies the following locations that are walkable:

Downtown LA
West Hollywood
Santa Monica
Long Beach
Beverly Hills
Culver City
Century City
Valencia Town Center
Costa Mesa
South Coast "Town Center" (South Coast Metro)

In San Diego, aside from Downtown, you have Hillcrest/Balboa Park and La Jolla/UTC.

I personally have at least driven through or rode the bus through all of these locations and agree with the Brookings findings. I'm surprised you didn't mention Downtown Burbank, which has a nice and functional downtown, Culver City, which is also quaint, and Santa Monica. In Orange County, I would also throw in Downtown Fullerton, (UCI) University Center, and San Clemente.

Anduhrew said...

I'm not familiar with burbank I've mostly listed places i'm very familiar with. I can't agree with Costa Mesa and South Coast metro though. I've lived in that area for a year and worked there for about 7 years. Things are MUCH too spread out there, There is a Downtown across the street from one of the largest malls in the world. But just walking across the parking lot takes about 10 minutes. ALTHOUGH I have noticed that their development recently is taking BIG strides to make it more urbanized and walkable. Since it is not done yet I can't agree yet.