Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earthquake in Pomona

Here's a photo from the earthquake we just had. the Epicenter was somewhere in or near Pomona at 5.8, no make that a 5.4

I was driving in a cart while it was happening and I thought i hit something hard. I looked around and realized everything else was shaking as well. luckily i wasn't near anything that could have fallen on me. For a split second i thought.
"is this the big one everyone's been talking about?"

thankfully it wasn't.

so for everyone let's remember our earthquake safety from elementary school.

"duck and cover" - duck under a table (preferably not a glass one or one made by ikea) and cover your head.
If no table is nearby stand in a doorway. Bathrooms are also structurally stronger than other rooms.

emergency kit - get some canned food and bottled water to last a few days at least 3 preferably a week.

emergency contact- keep your emergency contact information handy and noted on your phone put an asterisk next to it on your cel. phone so people will know it.

stop drop and roll- no wait... that's for fires.

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