Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coates Bike Shop in Pomona

So, as brought to attention by my dear friend Goddess of Pomona (who was informed by M-M-M-My Pomona)Coates Bike Shop may become lost to development on the corner of Towne and Foothill. Coates was opened up in the 1930's and has a Forty foot Neon Sign as its trademark. That sign is CLASSIC! I e-mailed the city council including the Mayor and City Manager about my concerns about the loss of this city's important landmark. It is important for there to be a home for a more sustainable transit system. Bicycle riding is gaining in popularity and the loss of Coates would ultimately hinder Pomona's bicycling community. Fortunately I received responses from Paula Lantz, George Hunter, and Raymond Fong. Paula Lantz was very curious as to why this was coming up now (I e-mailed her back with the explanation of the recent knowledge gained and the gain in popularity of bicycle riding. George Hunter stated he'd like to see Coates stay as well, and Raymond Fong was diplomatic but stuck to his guns. I'm glad to see I was taken seriously enough to warrant a response. On April 21st the City will receive a comprehensive plan on this matter. Mr. Fong encouraged me to contact him in regards to this matter. But as time permits I may not be able to speak with him before April 21st.
I Hope Coates gets to keep their sign and their location. Sure it'd be nice if it were redesigned but It'd be nicer if a recognizable landmark stays to contribute to the identity of Pomona


John Clifford said...

Actually, I brought it up because the city issued a Mitigated Negative Declaration (a state environmental document) which has a public comment period of one month) regarding the plan to use eminent domain on the property.

This is one of the reasons why it is important for the citizens to stay vigilant and keep an eye on those boring legal ads at the beginning of the classified section of the newspaper. It's the only way we have of knowing information that even city council people aren't made aware of.

me said...

Haven't we touched on a problem: that our elected council people are not made aware of what our non-elected city workers are up to? Then the ball gets rolling without any input from the people who live in Pomona. That doesn't seem right to me, but seems to be a story that keeps repeating itself.

G of P

Anduhrew said...

Maybe the Goddess Should Run for City Council

me said...

Being the Goddess is too good a gig to give up! Plus, my dislike of public speaking would not lead me too far in politics.

G of P